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Welcome to Mfangano Island!

Home to amazing fishing, challenging hiking, and spectacular views of Lake Victoria, Mfangano Island is a must-see stop on your Kenya visit. Let Mfangano Island Beach Club be your guide to the remote island.

Mfangano Beach Club contains two rooms, each with two full-sized beds and private bathrooms and showers, as well as 8 tents and tent space if you prefer your own. There is round-the-clock security and daily housekeeping. Rates range. Average room cost is 4000 shillings per night, includes breakfast.

To get to Mfangano Island Beach Club, take a ferry or boat from Luanda Kotieno to Mbita, and then another ferry or boat from Mbita to Sena. Once in Sena, take a piki-piki (motorbike) or boat to Kitawi Beach — ask for the Beach Club.


  • Lounge with a TV and restaurant serving seasonal menu
  • Bar serving cold drinks
  • Beach access and view of Lake Victoria
  • Swing and hammock
  • Electricity
  • Internet access (Wi-fi)
  • Bicycles for renting
  • Guides for hiking to the top of Soklo and visiting the renowned rock art
  • Fishing boat tours

You are most welcome. If you’re interesting in visiting, please contact us at:

P.O. Box 44, Mfangano Island 40319, Kenya


Hours: 7 am – 7 pm

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  1. Hi, I am trying to get in touch with you through the number on your website but it rings on and on without anybody answering the calls.
    Kindly get in touch.

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